IPM Certification & Accreditation

Plant Health Atlantic offers government approved and recognized IPM programs that qualify individuals as Certified IPM Turf Practitioners and facilities as IPM Accredited for the Atlantic Region.


Requirement for Certified IPM Turf Practitioner

An individual can become a Certified IPM Turf Practitioner if they:

  1. Complete a training program as prescribed by the Standards Committee that encompasses theoretical and applied aspects of Integrated Pest Management in turf and lawn care or have other credentials that satisfy the training requirement.
  2. Pass an examination as set by the Standards Committee, at a minimum 75% score.
  3. Pay the examination fee (See: Fee Structure).   Fee covers the cost of writing of examination, administration of the certification data management system, and annual tracking of Continued Education
    Credits (CEC’s).

Companies and facilities are encouraged to have a number of their staff qualified as Certified IPM Turf Practitioners.

IPM Accreditation

There are three (3) levels of IPM Accreditation: Baseline, Introductory, and Fully Licensed IPM Accreditation.

Please click on the appropriate heading (e.g., Landscape ) to find more information on how to become Certified and to apply for Baseline, Introductory, or Fully Licensed IPM Accreditation status.

The reader should be aware that the requirements of the IPM Accreditation Program are different for landscape operations, golf course operations, and municipalities. This is due to different needs and operating practices.  
It is the responsibility of the Certified IPM Program Coordinator to ensure that they are following the IPM Accreditation Program requirements that correspond to their type of facility or operation.