Maintaining Fully Licensed IPM Accreditation Status

This  page is for those lawn care facilities that meet all of the requirements for Fully Licensed IPM Accreditation status, passed the On-site Audit and are submitting their Full Desk Audit to maintain this status.  The information required is slightly different from previous years, so read through the application forms (see below).  Key points are to submit only new or revised client information & promotional materials, provide a written detail for your method of calibration and note changes to the question sheet.

The requirement for a facility to not apply pesticides to more than 40% of their total aggregate client base that is in a turf pest management program comes into effect for the first full year at the Fully IPM Accredited level.    Example:  A company passed their On-site  and were awarded Fully IPM Accreditation level in 2015 must comply with the 40% rule for the 2016 season.    Write to Dave McCafferty:  for more detail.



To avoid confusion do not include any product(s) used under contract for applications to sports fields or golf courses on the form (LMF1) used to report your list of residential and business properties.  Information on these applications (products used and the size of areas treated) should be reported on a separate sheet.

Note that all forms and the application fee must be submitted before the Auditor will review your Full Desk Audit.

Incomplete Applications

Commencing in 2015 and as approved by the Plant Health Atlantic Council; the Desk Audit fee will cover one (1) request by the auditor for additional or clarification of submitted information. Any further requests for follow-up or an appeal for additional review would mean a minimum $100.00 surcharge to the facility. If there are 2 consecutive failures to meet audit criteria the facility will be demoted back to baseline accreditation status


Reminder that the registration fee is $425.00 for forms and payment received prior to January 31 and $500.00 if received after this date.

Payment can be made either by Cheque or Credit Card. Cheques payable to Plant Health Atlantic are to be mailed with completed Full Desk Audit to the address below.
Credit Card information can be included on the form or contact Plant Health Atlantic office by telephone (1-506-440-9656 ).

Full Desk Audit Forms

1.  Direct Computer Editable PDF Format:

(Revised September 2016)

Plant Health Atlantic has created an “Editable PDF” Maintaining Full Desk Audit document allowing you to complete and submit the forms electronically.  Click on the link below or Contact the Plant Health Atlantic Administrator via email for the most up to date copy.

Full Desk Audit Document Lawncare (Editable)

It is imperative that you follow the steps as follows:

1)    Save the document to your computer
2)    Enter the required information in the designated fields  (you do not
need to complete the entire document in one sitting however, always save
your work prior to exiting)
3)    Once the document is complete, save and email to Plant Health

Alternatively, the document can be printed and completed by hand.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact
David McCafferty,

Administrator & Treasurer Plant Health Atlantic
Tel: (506) 440-9656

2. Standard Hand Written Format:

For a copy of the Full Desk Audit document in standard format, click on the link below or contact the Plant Health Atlantic Administrator via email.

Full Desk Audit Document Lawncare