Landscape Permit Changes:

The Department of Environment & Local Government have made the following changes to the Class D Landscape Permit effective in 2024:

Condition 20 – Signage: moving from wording ‘must’ and replacing with ‘should’ related to signage. (So it is not a violation if not removed).

Condition 24 – adding in ‘made available to an Inspector upon request’ so that it makes clear powers of the Inspector under the Act. 

If you would like to have a copy of the revised document, please contact Dave McCafferty via email and I will send it along.


Health Canada do not require the registration or assigning of a PCP number for pure, organic paste of beneficial nematodes specifically: steinernema carpocapsae, steinernema feltiae and heterorhabditis bacteriophora.

Environment and Local Government have agreed that you would not have to document their use as required by your Permit and would not have to be included in the 50% rule for those properties.

New Ruling for the Herbicide Fiesta from NB Environment and Local Government
Since Fiesta labels specify it may need to have at least a second application and up to 4 applications a season to a property to be considered effective, NB Environment and Local Government are good with the landscaper not needing to add follow up reapplications in with the first. 
This means that if the original estimate of the treatment percentage of that property with Fiesta was calculated to be 20%, using that same product again in a second or third application to roughly the same areas of the property would not add to this 20% value for the property.