New Ruling for the Herbicide Fiesta from NB Environment and Local Government

Since Fiesta labels specify it may need to have at least a second application and up to 4 applications a season to a property to be considered effective, NB Environment and Local Government are good with the landscaper not needing to add follow up reapplications in with the first.  

This means that if the original estimate of the treatment percentage of that property with Fiesta was calculated to be 20%, using that same product again in a second or third application to roughly the same areas of the property would not add to this 20% value for the property.


Members have brought to the attention of Plant Health Atlantic (PHA) that there will likely
be a shortage of Mecoprop in 2022. In anticipation PHAC has approached Health Canada
Enforcement Section and received confirmation that it would not be a violation of the
label if you choose to tank mix MCPA and Vanquish. Before making this decision,
we recommend that you review the Vanquish label and be familiar with the list of weed
species controlled. The suggested approach for the tank mix would be to apply each
product at label recommended rates (MCPA 500 at 25ml/100m2 or MCPA 600 at
21ml/100m2, with Vanquish at 1.5 -2.8ml/100m2). An updated spreadsheet (June
2022) to assist in mixing rates is available on our web site or by contacting Ken Browne.
The addition of adjuvants to this tank mix are being promoted by some suppliers but have
not been officially tested nor registered to improve pest control. Adjuvants when added to
the soil do increase cell wall permeability, increasing the absorption quantity of nutrients
and the efficiency of the turfgrass plant’s metabolic functions.

Mixing Rates