IPM Certification

1.  Requirement for Certified IPM Turf Practitioner

An individual can become a Certified IPM Turf Practitioner if they:

  1. Complete a training program as prescribed by the Standards Committee that encompasses theoretical and applied aspects of integrated pest management in turf and lawn care or have other credentials that satisfy the training requirement.
  2. Pass an examination as set by the Standards Committee, at a minimum 75% score.
  3. Pay the examination fee (See: Fee Structure).   Fee covers the cost of writing of examination, administration of the certification data management system, and annual tracking of Continued Education Credits (CEC’s).

Study MaterialLawn Care which is available to download from the Landscape New Brunswick website :

Sustainable Turf Manual – 2003 edition

Study MaterialGolf
– OMAF Publication #384 – Turf Grass Management Recommendations
– OMAF Publication #162 – Diseases and Insects of Turf in Ontario
– OMAF Publication #816 – Turf IPM Manual

These manuals can be ordered by contacting Publications Ontario (1-888-466-2372) or online by clicking here

Companies and organizations are encouraged to have a number of their staff qualified as Certified IPM Turf Practitioners.

2.   Ongoing Requirements

To meet requirements for ongoing professional development, a Certified IPM Turf Practitioner must maintain their level of expertise by annually accumulating a minimum of 8 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) or by annually re-passing the examination as set by the Standards Committee, at a minimum 75% score.  You may start accumulating CEC’s from the date you successfully completed the IPM Turf Practitioner examination.  You have until the end of the next full calendar year to accumulate your first eight (8) CEC’s, then every year after. Any meeting/course hours held before your certification date will not count towards your CEC’s.

3.   IPM Program Coordinator

Organizations (lawn care, turf management, golf course, or municipality) that want to be recognized as IPM Accredited must designate one of their Certified IPM Turf Practitioners as their IPM Program Coordinator.   This individual is then responsible for the development of the IPM program, the keeping of any records as required for Accreditation, and for any staff training.

An IPM Program Coordinator must be a fully Certified IPM Turf Practitioner