Plant Health Atlantic Council (PHAC) Inc.


  1. To administer a self-sustaining turf management certification and accreditation program that is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), sound environmental stewardship, ongoing professional development, and education of the public.
  2. To provide assurance through compliance auditing, that those certified and accredited under the program are committed to having IPM as the new standard in turf and landscape care.
  3. To recognize and promote lawn care companies, golf courses,  municipalities and turf managers that use responsible pest management practices designed to protect the health of the environment and the public.
  4. To develop strong partnerships with key stakeholder associations.

What is Plant Health Atlantic Council? (Mission Statement, Objectives)

Plant Health Atlantic ByLaws     (Incorporated – 2013)

IPM Programs Offered by Plant Health Atlantic (updated Sept 2012)

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